Corner Collection carries top-of-the-line hammocks.  We'll work with you to select the hammock that fits your area and your outdoor style.

When any of us talks about a “quality product,” a large part of what we’re driving at is consistency. Consistent materials. Consistent workmanship. At Hatteras Hammocks, we choose the best materials for constructing our hammocks, hammock swings, hammock stands and swing stands, hammock pillows, hammock accessories and superlative line of high-end Hatteras Outdoors furniture. We do so both for the tremendous boost it brings to product durability, and for the exceptional good looks.

Our workmanship approach is uncommon in our industry, pairing the skilled handcrafting essential to producing the best hammocks and hammock swings with the most efficient modern manufacturing processes that simple trial-and-error and our own ongoing industry research can bring to us. Our processes continue to evolve as we learn better ways to do them.

That brings us to the other piece of the quality equation, that part that’s harder to nail down – that little extra something that you feel about a product when it’s made right. It has to do with the motivation behind the manufacture and materials.

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